Our Specials

Australian prawns with Shanghainese style light soy sauce (DF)

Five spiced sweet soy beef slice (DF)

Fried lamb with cumin & chilli (DF)

Julienne tofu thickened soup (GF, DF, VEGAN)

WUYU Style sweet & sour pork stripes (DF)

Mushrooms & gluten ball casserole (DF, VEGAN)

Our Story

Wu Yu (Wu dialect) region is located in South-East China. It covers mainly Shanghai and provinces Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In this area scenes are graceful with rivers and lakes around green field, which look like pearl necklace on a beauty. It has been called Fish-rice Land and Silk Land for the rich and plentiful resources and products. Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing were the capitals of the ancient kingdoms and dynasties. Shanghai, Nanjing and Ningbo were the first open commercial ports to Western trades. Here Chinese old traditions have met with the overseas new ideas, from them has raised an epoch-making culture.

Wu YU Restaurant sets up on the new culture, keeping the traditions and absorbing the new elements. It provides a cuisine of Wu-Yu style, the dishes and foods are fresh, nourishing and delicious. Please choose your favour and enjoy it!


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Meet Our Chef

Our head chef Sean’s career started in Shanghai China back in the 1990s. He initially joined a very respectful hotel (Hilton) and spent 12 years there as a professional chef and team manager. From 2008, he decided to move to Canberra, Australia and joined the Australia Parliament House as a chef. He was the key chef who prepared the national banquet when Chinese President Xi JingPin visited Australia in 2014 and retired senior leader of the People’s Republic of China Jia QingLin visited Australia in 2011.

Sean has more than 20 years experience in Chinese traditional cuisine and currently he is very keen to bring some Chinese local regional cuisines (especially from the east China area) to Canberra. This will increase the variety of the food choices for our local Canberrans.

Our chef believes that only the top-quality ingredients can meet our quality standards and we are working hard with our credited suppliers to provide the best Australian made products to our customers. All our seafood ingredients are Australian products and all meat products (Chicken, Pork, Beef and Lamb) are free range, grass fed without hormones and antibiotics. We are dedicated to provide Healthy, Fresh and Tasty Chinese Wu Cuisine to our customers.


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First Floor, 16 Woolley Street, Dickson

Canberra, ACT 2602

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Wed-Mon: 11:30 AM - 02:00 PM

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